The United States of America was founded on the principle idea of freedom. America is at its best when its citizens are free to live, work and play. Unfortunately professional sports in America don’t provide this same level of freedom.

American pro sports teams do not have the freedom to build, develop, grow and rise to their highest level because leagues actively work to limit access. In the case of American soccer, the national federation (United States Soccer Federation or USSF) colludes with its leagues to limit access to the highest levels of the sport. Unfortunately the American sports media, either due to fear of access or collusion, doesn’t actively work to cover the sport on a level that challenges status quo.

AmericanSoccer.tv is working to change that by providing a platform for writers, bloggers, podcasters, soccer clubs, coaches, players, parents and others to create, publish, and promote content, organizations and ideas. We believe that America deserves the opportunity to rise in global soccer. We also believe that it is time we have a media outlet that challenges the status quo to help grow the game here in America. This is why we are building AmericanSoccer.tv: Soccer For The Rest Of Us. Join us and get involved today!